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SNNS to NNDef Converter



SNNS2NNDef is used to convert neural networks trained within Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS) or its Java-based successor JavaNNS to NNDef XML format.
For the time being it only works with Multilayer Perceptrons (MLP)

You can use any SNNS/JavaNNS trained network with MLP architecture stored in ".net format".

Command line execution:


You can use either of the following methods to execute SNNS2NNDef from command line:

2.1. Without command line parameters.

java -jar SNNS2NNDef.jar

2.2. Use -log option followed by log file name for testing and debugging:

java -jar SNNS2NNDef.jar -log snns2nndef.log

In both cases (2.1 and 2.2) you'll be prompted for SNNS .net file name following by output NNDef .xml file name.

2.3. Specifying input SNNS .NET and/or output NNDEF XML file name from command line.

Input file name should always be the first command line parameter:

java -jar SNNS2NNDef.jar
java -jar NNDefRun.jar -log snns2nndef.log
java -jar NNDefRun.jar letters.xml

In the first and second example above you'll be additionally asked for the name of the output file.



Last Update: 02/14/2004